Fred Light Museum

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Fred Light Museum Themed Rooms

Ye Olde General Store

Dear to the hearts of visitors, this display represents a bygone era. The store contains an oak wood counter, antique washers, a coffee grinder and basic staples from those early pioneer days (navy beans, dried peas, rice and candy). The shelves are stocked with tins and bottle bearing brand names that no longer exist and brands that are still around today. Outfits from past eras are displayed including coats and hand bags. Spinning wheels, sewing machines, butter churns, oil lamps, shaving mugs, mustache cups, pocket watches and old cameras have their place in this unique display.


Battleford Room

The Battleford Room contains a sampling of the history of the Battlefords and area. The museum houses volumes of the Saskatchewan Herald and the Battleford Press newspapers. These collections are available for research if desired. Please contact the museum in advance if you wish to come do some research. Inside holds a display of a dentist's office including antique false teeth and a dentist chair from the early 1800s. The Battleford Room also holds old telephones and a history of the telephone lines. Visitors can also view artifacts from various First Nations tribes such as beadwork, tanning hides, and photographs. 

Firearms Room
Known across Canada as the Fred Light Collection, Mr Light's collecting efforts exceeded 40 years of his life. At one time, he displayed his firearms on the walls and ceiling of his Lighthouse Service Station. Now, the collection is housed in the museum he founded. The Firearms Room is one of the largest firearm collections on display in Western Canada and interests guests of all ages. This is a cannot miss for gun enthusiasts. The museum's collection contains 330+ firearms, some dating back as far as the 1600s, as well as various other weapons. Learn about the NWMP, RCMP and the Battleford Police from this room as well. The firearms room also contains some history and artifacts from the 1885 Rebellion.

School Room

The School Room is set up like a classroom, a perfectly themed room for a building that was once the St. Vital Catholic School. Visitors can view a collection of "The Way It Was" with local school desks, maps, books, toys, trophies, sports equipment, photographs and a special, extensive collection of Boy Scouts items. Included in the School Room is a display of Western Canadian wildlife. Enjoy looking at the displays and take a look at the old books used for educational purposes years ago. If you are interested in the history of St. Vital Catholic School or Central School, there are old photographs of classrooms, teachers and students, as well as pictures of class reunions. 

Veteran's Room

Examine various historic military and police uniforms and accessories dating from the late 1880's. The displays include medals, badges, insignia and war souvenirs. There are uniforms from the Boer Wars (1880 - 1881 & 1899 - 1902), the First World War (1914 - 1918) and the Second World War (1939 - 1945). An interesting feature of the uniforms from the Second World War is the inclusion of women's uniforms as women started entering the war effort at this time. The Veteran's Room also contains an honorary display about the H.M.S. Battleford, a ship named after the town.