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Our Outdoor Buildings

1905 Fire Brigade

A tribute to the first Battelford Fire Brigade and its volunteer firefighters, our replica contains traditional firefighting equipment, extinguishers, various articles covering stories of recorded fires in the Battlefords, some tragic and others heartwarming and heroic. Our firehall also contains Battleford's first three firetrucks, now antiques. The trucks are restored and still run. The oldest dates back to 1927. The trucks are a popular site at the Battleford parade. The bell on the firehall works as well, and is the original bell from the 1905 Fire Brigade. The bell, when rung, can be heard across town.

Our gratitude goes out to all the wonderful volunteers and businesses that made this project a success. Thank you!

Andersen Woodworking

This building features three generations of Andersen's - Father Anders, son Chris, and grandson Floyd - involved in the woodworking business. You will view many varieties of hand tools and early motorized equipment. Built in 2016, this building hosts a variety of woodworking and construction tools, as well as holding the historical significance of being a local business dating back to the late 19th Century!

The Lighthouse Service Station

A replica building of F.G. Light's service station, this building was developed by partnering with Battleford's Vintage Auto Club. You will view tools, former products, and memorabilia from the original Lighthouse Service Station.

St. Vitals’ Church

Built in 1883, the building was constructed of logs donated by brothers John D., Donald M., and Roderick Finlayson of the Presbyterian Faith. It served as the Parish for a full hundred years but with a growing congregation it was no longer adequate.

A modern and larger St. Vitals’ Church was built and opened for services on March 5th 1984 while the Old Church was turned over to the Town of Battleford as a historic site.